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I am Magnus Lindberg, a freelance mix and mastering engineer, producer, recording engineer and audio expert based in Stockholm, Sweden. I do mixing, mastering, recording/producing, sound-design and more for all types of clients and have done so since this millenium started. Also a member of the Swedish band Cult of Luna.

All my mixing and mastering work is done in Redmount Studios, in which I am a part owner. The studio is located in central Stockholm and includes a small recording room, lounge area, fiber internet, great coffee, nice neighbourhoods with bars, restaurants and record stores.

Audio samples of work I have done are available in the player above (only rec+mix or mix). For mastering references have a look at the Discography and Clients pages, or Google…

If you are interested in working with me or if you have other questions, write an e-mail and I will reply shortly.

Finally, if you understand Swedish, checkout our (Redmount Studios) podcast about music production Musikprodd-podden!

Summary of useful links:
– My own Facebook and Instagram.
– Redmount Studios, Website and Store.
Musikprodd-podden, podcast in Swedish.
– Cult of Luna, Website and Facebook.

  • Magnus Lindberg Studio
  • Magnus Lindberg Studio
  • Magnus Lindberg Studio
  • Magnus Lindberg Studio
  • Magnus Lindberg Studio

Mine (x2)

Dead quiet with excellent acoustics

Sessiondesk Trio (Custom)
Crookwood M4 mastering console

Greger Sound System dual 2×15″ subs
Yamaha NS-10
Hitachi boom box
Sennheiser HD650
Beyerdynamic DT250

DAW and Conversion:
Reaper 5
iZotope RX6 Audio Editor
Cranesong Solaris, mastering DA
Dangerous Convert AD+, mastering AD
RME ADI-642, MADI to AES/EBU converter
SPL Madison, 16ch AD/DA MADI interface
Crookwood DAC for monitoring
Mutec MC-1.2, USB interface
Mutec MC-7, clock distributor
Lots of plug-ins…

Equalisers (HW):
Tube-Tech HLT 2AM
Chandler TG12345 Curve Bender
TK Audio TK-lizer 2
Watson Audio Mäag/NTI

Dynamics (HW):
POM Fairchild 670 mkII (Custom)
TK Audio BC2-ME
Maselec MPL-2
Chandler TG1 Limiter
IGS Volfram Limiter
G1176 clones (x2)

Hardware FX:
Thermionic Culture Vulture Mastering Plus 
Roland Space Echo RE-101
Roland Digital Chorus DC-50
Deltalab ADM 1024
……and many pedals / FX on request.

Mics and Preamplifiers:
Flea 47 Vintage
TK Audio DP2
NoFi Tube Mic Pre
Line Audio, 2MP
…and many microphones on request.

Crookwood VU
iZotope Insight
Vertex DSP Multi Inspector

Dynamount X1-R
Pro-Ject Essential II, turntable
Denon DCD-1400 HiFi CD-player
Denon DRA-435R HiFi amplifier
Traynor mkIII combo
…and many amps and instruments on request.

  • Labels/Companies
  • A Tenderversion Recording
  • A Westside Fabrication
  • AT(h)ome Records
  • Adrian Recordings
  • Anchors Aweigh Records
  • BD Pop
  • BLS Independent
  • BMG Chrysalis
  • Bella Union
  • Blackstar Foundation
  • Century Media Records
  • Cosmos Music
  • Crazysane Records
  • Denovali Records
  • Despotz Records
  • Division Records
  • Dolores Recordings
  • Enrage Production
  • Evil Ink Records
  • First Access Entertainment
  • Flesh and Bone Records
  • Full Steam Records
  • Gaphals
  • Goldenbest Records
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  • Imperial Recordings
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  • Jezebel Recordings
  • Kapten Studios
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  • Party Smasher Inc
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  • Produktionsbolaget Munck
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  • Sveriges Radio
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  • Warner Music
  • Welfare Sounds & Records
  • Weyrd Son Records
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  • X5 Music Group
  • ...and more
047 (SWE)
21st Impact (SWE)
413.3 (RUS)
A Projection (SWE)
A Secret Death (AUS)
A Swarm Of The Sun (SWE)
Abraham (SWI)
Adria (AUS)
Aerial (SWE)
Aesmah (FRA)
After Taste (FRA)
Air Castles (GBR)
Alcest (FRA)
Ali Barter (AUS)
Alice Boman (SWE)
Alijoscha (AUS)
Alina Devecerski (SWE)
Alkalys (FRA)
Almost A Band (SWE)
Alonzo & Fas 3 (SWE)
Amalthea (SWE)
Ambivalensen (SWE)
And We Should Die Of That Roar (SWE)
Anna & The Sea (SWE)
Ansiktet (SWE)
Anthony Mills (USA)
Aoria (SWE)
Aqme (FRA)
Arctic Sea Survivors (AUT)
Artless Society (DEN)
As We Draw (FRA)
Aside From A Day (FRA)
Atlantis (NED)
August Burns Red (USA)
Bad Fluids (SWE)
Bayrron (FRA)
Beachheads (NOR)
Bedroom Eyes (SWE)
Bessem (SWE)
Björns Vänner (SWE)
Black Bonzo (SWE)
Black Temple (SWE)
Black Trip (SWE)
Blister Brigade (SWE)
Blomster (SWE)
Bloodlights (NOR)
Bo Mehr (SWE)
Bordge (RUS)
Broder John (SWE)
Bucket Truck (CAN)
Bukowski (FRA)
Burn Down Rome (GBR)
Calidus (SWE)
Cameran (AUT)
Cantoreggi (SWE)
Carousel (SWE)
Cat Or Pillar (AUS)
Champion J.R (SWE)
Charles In The Kitchen (SWI)
Check This Out (FRA)
Cherrie (SWE)
Churchill (SWI)
Claim Culture (USA)
Class Of Kill'Em High (SWE)
Cleo (SWE)
Closet Disco Queen (SWI)
Coilguns (SWI)
Coldstone (FRA)
Convoj (SWE)
Corbeaux (FRA)
Crankset (FRA)
Cult Cinema (GBR)
Cult Of Luna (SWE)
Curse This Ocean (ITA)
Daggers (BEL)
Dalit (NOR)
Daniel Gidlund (SWE)
Darius (SWI)
Dautha (SWE)
David Sandström Overdrive (SWE)
Death Of A Cheerleader (SWI)
Death Team (SWE)
Delvoid NOR)
Den Svenska Björnstammen (SWE)
Denniz Pop Awards (SWE)
Deportees (SWE)
Det Eviga Léendet (SWE)
Disco Ensemble (FIN)
Diskoteket (SWE)
Djurparken (SWE)
Domarringen (SWE)
Domkraft (SWE)
Donnie Castle (SWE)
Drevet (SWE)
Drifter (SWE)
Driving On The Right (GBR)
Duellen (SWE)
Dystopia Nå! (NOR)
Ebba Salomonsson (SWE)
Elefant (SWE)
Elisabeth (SWI)
Emil Jensen (SWE)
Entombed (SWE)
Epidemics (SWE)
Erik Lundin (SWE)
Erlen Meyer (FRA)
Eskju Divine (SWE)
Factory Brains (SWE)
Father & Son (SWE)
Fear Falls Burning (BEL)
Federer (SWI)
Felin (SWE)
Final Coil (GBR)
First Rage (FRA)
Fjärran (SWE)
Fricky (SWE)
Frida Hyvönen (SWE)
Frida Sundemo (SWE)
Fura (SPA)
Furykane (FRA)
Futsu (FRA)
Fågelmannen (FIN)
Gatherer (NZL)
Gin Lady (SWE)
God Mother (SWE)
Gold Kids (ITA)
Gonza-Ra (SWE)
Grace Latecomer (CHI)
Grace Will Fall (SWE)
Grand Tetras (SWI)
Grand Theft Culture (SWE)
Grande Roses (SWE)
Grande Royale (SWE)
Great Bear (CHI)
Greenleaf (SWE)
Griftegård (SWE)
Gustaf Spetz (SWE)
Halti (FIN)
Halves (IRL)
Hanging Garden (FIN)
Harald Björk (SWE)
Hater (SWE)
Have Hold (AUS)
Heads (GER)
Hell Is For Heroes (GBR)
Henrik Palm (SWE)
Henry Bowers (SWE)
Herbert Munkhammar & Michel Dida (SWE)
Hey Elbow (SWE)
Hong Faux (SWE)
Hord (FRA)
Hubris (SWI)
Huldra (USA)
Hundmänniska (SWE)
Hundred Year Old Man (GBR)
Hungry For The Truth (FRA)
Häxeri (GBR)
IB Sundström (SWE)
Iceberg Theory (RUS)
Immanu El (SWE)
Imperial State Electric (SWE)
Industri Royal (SWE)
Inperil (FRA)
Invasionen (SWE)
Involvers (FIN)
Iris Bergcrantz (SWE)
Ismael (SWE)
Isobel & November (SWE)
Jan Johansen (SWE)
Jeepstarr (SWE)
Jeniferever (SWE)
Jeudah (SWE)
Jimm (FRA)
Johan Airijoki (SWE)
Johnossi (SWE)
Jonas Lundqvist (SWE)
Julie Christmas (USA)
Jungbluth (GER)
Junkstars (SWE)
Kaah (SWE)
Kailess (RUS)
Kajsa Grytt (SWE)
Kamera Obscura (FRA)
Kara Marni (GBR)
Karpis (SWE)
Kayper (GBR)
Keira Is You (POL)
Khoma (SWE)
Killers Walk Among Us (SWE)
Kitshickers (LUX)
Knits (SWE)
Kollapsed (SWE)
Komeda (SWE)
Kongh (SWE)
Korallreven (SWE)
Kretsen (SWE)
Kriget (SWE)
Kruger (SWI)
Kynesis (ITA)
Könsförrädare (SWE)
Lac Belot (FIN)
Larkin (POR)
Lars Hollmer (SWE)
Last Days Of April (SWE)
Late Night Venture (DEN)
Lekisjazz (SWE)
Les Showdus (FRA)
Leslie Tay (SWE)
Liam Bailey (GBR)
Lilla Lovis (SWE)
Lingua (SWE)
Linn Koch-Emmery (SWE)
Lis Er Stille (DEN)
Lizzies (ESP)
Lo! (AUS)
Lodz (FRA)
Logos (AUS)
Lone Wolf (GBR)
Lost In Kiev (FRA)
Lost In Madrid (FRA)
Lucifer (GER)
Lucifer In The Sky With Diamonds (RUS)
Ludwig Hart (SWE)
Lynn Maring (SWI)
Maia Hirasawa (SWE)
Mamede (SWE)
Man Made Origin (GBR)
Marcus Norberg & The Disappointments (SWE)
Marigold (SWE)
Martin Masarov (SWE)
Mash-Up International (SWE)
Masshysteri (SWE)
Masshysteria (FRA)
Mattias Alkberg (SWE)
Matushka (RUS)
Maudlin (BEL)
Maxida Märak (SWE)
Medborgarbandet (SWE)
Melby (SWE)
Meleeh (SWE)
Melonia (SWE)
Memories Of A Dead Man (FRA)
Mez Medallion (AUS)
Michel Dida (SWE)
Milano Sun (SWE)
Min Stora Sorg (SWE)
Mixtapes And Cellmates (SWE)
Mohombi (SWE)
Mont-Doré (BEL)
Monte (AUS)
Mooncake (RUS)
Moska (SWE)
Mother and Sun (SWE)
Mount Shasta (GER)
Movits (SWE)
Mozer (FRA)
Mr Yeye (FRA)
Mutant Gredelin (SWE)
Mysteriet (SWE)
Märvel (SWE)
Ménélik (FRA)
Nadia Nair (SWE)
Naglfar (SWE)
Namasenda (SWE)
Nayah (DEN)
New Feelings (SWE)
New Waters (FIN)
Niklas Frisk Chinatown (SWE)
Ninth Moon Black (USA)
Nixa (USA)
No One Is Innocent (FRA)
Nordmark (SWE)
Norra Reviret (SWE)
Nothing But Sunshine (FIN)
November Coming Fire (GBR)
Nutmeg (SWE)
Old Man's Will (SWE)
Olle Grafström (SWE)
On Sierra (AUS)
One Toy Soldier (GBR)
Ordos (SWE)
Oregon Trail (SWI)
Palefeather (SWE)
Park Hotel (SWE)
Pg.lost (SWE)
Piroth (SWE)
Planet Love Sound (AUS)
Planet Mastergod (NOR)
Presolar Sands (SWE)
Price Of Ink (SWE)
Priest (SWE)
Principe Valiente (SWE)
Ra (SWE)
Radar (FIN)
Raindear (SWE)
Raquy (TUR)
Raring (SWE)
Reek (ESP)
Refused (SWE)
Rickard Jäverling (SWE)
Riwen (SWE)
Roads & Rivers (SWE)
Robert Svensson (SWE)
Robot Orchestra (FRA)
Rome Is Not A Town (SWE)
Rotten Sound (FIN)
Royal Downfall (SWE)
Ruby Empress (SWE)
Ryan Roxie (USA)
S:t Erik (SWE)
Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet (SWE)
Samling (SWE)
Saturday's Heroes (SWE)
Scraps of Tape (SWE)
Sebastian D (SWE)
Shadow Shadow (SWE)
Sharks (SWE)
Shipwrecks (GER)
Sick Sad World (FRA)
Signal Fires (GBR)
Signals To Vega (USA)
Silvana Imam (SWE)
Silver Snakes (USA)
Simon Walther (NOR)
Sista Bossen (SWE)
Sista Brytet (SWE)
Sliver (FRA)
Slowrun (FIN)
Smash Hit Combo (FRA)
Sorrowset (USA)
Sparrow (SWE)
Spook The Horses (NZL)
St Sleep (GBR)
Stagman (SWE)
Stiu Nu Stiu (SWE)
Stolen Deer (SWE)
Strängen (SWE)
Sunstare (NOR)
Sunswitch (NOR)
Sweden (NOR)
Swedish Tiger Sound (SWE)
Sweet Lou (SWE)
Switch Opens (SWE)
Swtichblade (SWE)
Systemet (SWE)
Sól (USA)
Södra Sverige (SWE)
Tagada Jones (FRA)
Tall Blonde (SWE)
Tehachapi (AUS)
Teller (SWE)
Telos Vision (SWE)
Tengil (SWE)
Tennis Bafra (SWE)
Terra (SWE)
Tess (FRA)
The All New Adventures Of Us (GBR)
The Arrs (FRA)
The Butcher's Rodeo (FRA)
The Clive (SWI)
The Dahmers (SWE)
The Datsuns (NZL)
The Dukes (FRA)
The Early Days (SWE)
The End Will Be Kicks (SWE)
The Hardships (SWE)
The Hellacopters (SWE)
The Holy (FIN)
The Horsehead Union (SWE)
The Isolation Process (SWE)
The Kristet Utseende (SWE)
The Lost Patrol Band (SWE)
The Monarch (CAN)
The Ocean (GER)
The Perishers (SWE)
The Pirate Ship Quintet (GBR)
The Prestige (FRA)
The Rambling Wheels (SWI)
The Screamer (SWE)
The Search (SWE)
The Secret (ITA)
The Shanks (CAN)
The Soul Company (SWE)
The Tennessee Beats (NOR)
The View Electrical (SWI)
Them Bruins (AUS)
Thermo (MEX)
Thomas Stenström (SWE)
Thot (BEL)
Tiger Bell (SWE)
Tjuvjakt (SWE)
Tooji (NOR)
Totalt Jävla Mörker (SWE)
Trainspotters (SWE)
Traktor (SWE)
Tramp (SWE)
Tribulation (SWE)
Trills (GBR)
Twiggy Frostbite (SWE)
Twin Pigs (SWE)
Ulf Sturesson (SWE)
Unfold (SWI)
Valley (SWE)
Vasas Flora och Fauna (FIN)
Vasquez (GBR)
Verticals (RUS)
Vi Som Älskade Varandra (SWE)
Victims (SWE)
Vordemfall (GER)
Wang Wen (CHI)
Waver (SWE)
We Are The Storm (SWE)
We Lost The Sea (AUS)
Wheel In The Sky (SWE)
When Icarus Falls (SWI)
Wilderness (SWE)
Wrestling With Angels (SWE)
Year of the Goat (SWE)
Young Cardinals (FRA)
Zackarias (SWE)
Zacke (SWE)
Zero Absolu (FRA)
Ängie (SWE)
Åkervinda (SWE)
Ølten (SWI)
...and more